Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is pleased to inform that the University of Westminster has validated two Post Graduate courses: Master of Arts in International Business Management (MAIBM) and Master of Science in Applied Economics (MSAE).

MAIBM has been delivered at WIUT as a franchise course since 2006/7 academic year. The success of the course and strength of the course team has enabled validation of MAIBM from the 2017/18 academic year. The successful validation will allow the course team to adjust to changing market conditions and deliver best value for money to students and employers. The course is designed for young professionals planning to enhance careers in international business as managers and market analysts.

MSAE is a new course that has been proposed some time ago and is based on the strength of our Economics Department with contributions from across the university. MSAE provides students with solid grounding in economic theory and advanced knowledge in quantitative methods needed to succeed as business economists, market or financial analysts, economic researchers or economists in government institutions.


In contrast to traditional, purely academic master's degree programs in economics, WIUT's MSAE course concentrates on developing and applying practical skills which can be used to solve real-life problems confronting business and government. The curriculum is designed to produce practitioners who can design, develop and interpret economic models. As a result, courses emphasize the application of economic theory and the use of quantitative techniques rather than the derivation of their theoretical underpinnings.

The validation panel consisted of a UOW appointed chair, a UOW colleague and two external advisors. The Panel  were extremely impressed with the quality of the university, its environment, student experience, culture and resources.  Panel members commended professionalism of the academic staff and contribution of other colleagues whom they met.

Well done to the course team and all colleagues who have been supporting the process of validation.  Well done to all colleagues for building and sustaining a positive and open culture, for your integrity, enthusiasm and commitment.  When the UOW validates a course it is also validating all the relevant institutional conditions.

WIUT is pleased to announce that the validated post-graduate courses are now open for recruitment.